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Polymer Mesh and Nets
Polymer Mesh Isolon Polymer Mesh Polymer Mesh

We are Sole Distributor of  Polymer Mesh and Nets manufactured by Perfect Polymesh for Northern India.

Manufacturers of widest range of polymer mesh and nets
Isolon Polymer Mesh

products acknowledged for its quality in Indian and overseas market within a short span. The products are manufactured only from technically selected high quality grades of polymer and additives under carefully controlled proven extrusion technology. Isolon products are UV stabilized & can withstand the effects of chemical, acid, alkaline and corrosion.


  • Highly resistant to chemical and environmental friendly elements
  • Easy Installation, removing, as well as re-installation
  • High Strength, Maximum durability & reusability
  • U V Stabilized & Rust Proof
  • Low maintenance cost and economical
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Non Corrosive and Needs no painting
  • No risk of Human injury

Consumer Meshes....

Polymer Mesh
Isolon Cooler Mesh Insect Screen Curtain

Poultry Meshes....

Poultry Cage Floor Mesh

Shed Seperation Nets
( Used In Hatcheries, Breeding Farms To Avoid Damage To Chick's Feet.)

Square Meshes....

A general purpose mesh in square pattern.can be used in office & homes as partitions,fencing,desert cooler mesh,etc.


Packaging Net

Shopping Bags Mesh
Agriculture Meshes....

Tea Withering Net

Serimount Bird Netting
Used in tea gardens for withering of tea leaves Helps in uniform cocoon formation Used for protection from birds to crops like fruits and vegetiables

Hexa Controded Mesh and Perimeter Fencing....

Sports Fences

Garden Fencing Nets Road Barriers Chain Link Fence
(While installing artifical grass in taraces, worandas, hockey/foot ball grounds it helps rain-water to drains out faster)

Infrastructure Mesh....

Garbion Mesh

Geogrid Range Plaster Reinforcement Civil Construction
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