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Conveyor Belts
Our in house brand, trusted since 1960’s for it’s supreme quality and reliability in various industries that require premium quality metal meshes
Different types of belts available:

Vertical-string-strip balance, vertical-string-double, strand-strip balance, combined-vertical-string-strip balance.

Balanced Belts, Double Balanced belts, Gratex Belts, Duplex Belts, Compound Balanced Belts Manufactured in Spring Steel, G.I., S.S. etc. in required sizes. Special Conveyor for Dehydrating plants are also available.


Generally used in  washing, filtering, acid pickling, aldehydizing, stoving in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, mine, industrial transportation, electroplating, food, glass appliance, electron, pharmacy lines and transport packaging Mesh belt, construction, general, reinforcing, wavy string-strip balance

In food processing, these Belts are used in washing, baking, dewatering, blanching, cooling, freezing, pasteurizing and depalletizing. In glass & ceramics, this construction finds wide use in firing decorating, enameling and annealing, and for curing fiber glass. In electronics, we find glass-to-metal sealing, thick-film firing and drying of printed circuit boards. In metal working, the range is from general conveying to heat-treating, quenching, calcining, annealing and related processes.

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